Giant Smartphone

At SB Service we present the latest addition to our extensive catalogue of state-of-the-art audiovisuals. We incorporated the tactile Smartphones with resolution 4k of great format.

It joins the rest of our catalog consisting of Led Wall, Video Wall, touch screens, Smart TV, truss, kiosks, totems and interactive apps.

The Smartphone 4k touch rotary has a capacitive touch screen of the highest resolution 4k, multitouch technology with 10 touch points simultaneously, a 4k computer integrated with Windows 10 professional and Wi-Fi to show the contents programmed in the highest quality possible.

Custom Apps:

The touch screen allows it to be interactive and to be able to install custom apps, which we also program in our company. They are ideal for creating advertising and marketing campaigns, as they will allow the information to be displayed with a state-of-the-art technological element, in an agile and interactive way. Obtaining an ideal and striking solution to show information about your company, brand, products or services.

We can develop apps, games, virtual tours, quizzes, surveys, maps, poll, interactive catalogs, reservation centers, marketing and advertising campaigns… personalized and unique for your company. Personalizing according to the needs and desires of our customers.

Thanks to the presence of a giant 49-inch smartphone you will be able to get your audience involved in its use. Making them able to browse your website or interact with the multimedia content displayed by the giant smartphone.

For a better adaptation to the needs of the client we have several measures of giant 4k smartphone, we have measures 32″, 36″, 43″ and 49″.

SB Service are specialists in the rental of audiovisuals for different events, fairs, congresses, exhibitions … we are present at such important fairs with Mobile World Congress, Fitur, Alimentaria, Smart City …

Thanks to our team of programming professionals we can make any necessary modification in the same event.

For more information on the price of renting large format smartphones, please refer to the smartphone rental section.