Touchs screens at Barcelona Advanced Factories 2020 trade show

Our touch screens with real 4K resolution and seventh generation Intel i5 built-in computer with Windows 10 Pro were mounted on the ABB multinational booth during the Advanced Factories congress held at the CCIB from March 3 to 5.

We installed two 43-inch units and one 32-inch unit, as well as various Smart TVs.

Through these devices, you could interact with the applications installed by the client, for monitoring robots, automation, etc.

The event took place during the incipient crisis of the coronavirus, despite this, thousands of professionals, engineers and managers took place during its three days.

The ABB booth (one of the main ones at the fair) had several interactive SB Service touch displays.
We also perform the SAT of our devices throughout the fair.

The touchscreen were embedded into the wall to achieve a perfect aesthetic effect, the screens were assembled and configured in less than two hours, gaining time on our own installation time for the benefit of the client.

These rental touchscreens offer optimal 4K real resolution and also integrate a powerful computer to provide an
all-in-one solution to our customers. In addition to this, the screens have no frame, the entire front is a single glass, thanks to their capacitive touch technology, which makes them more efficient and robust and aesthetically modern and attractive to the users.

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