Touch Kiosks

The interactive Touch Kiosks are one of our latest additions to the audiovisual rental catalogue.

The interactive kiosks are ideal for all types of events, as they allow their clients and attendees to interact quickly, easily and comfortably with the information offered in them.

Together with our unique apps and programmed according to the needs and desires of the client will present the content in a different way that will capture the attention of those present.

They can be rented to present products, brands, companies or services offered by the client in congresses, fairs, shows, exhibitions… But also for advertising and marketing campaigns.

The touch screens of the kiosks and interactive tables have the highest resolution 4K and capacitive touch technology, with a computer with Windows 10 Pro and Wi-Fi integrated.
The experience of use is identical to that of any Smartphone or tablet of last generation thanks to its capacitive touch technology of high precision.

We offer the possibility to customize and customize the touch kiosks the way the customer wants, this way they will be an advertising element by itself. They can be used both vertically and horizontally.

Thanks to our unique and personalized apps, developed by our team of programmers. We can develop various types of apps, such as games, survey, surveys, poll, digital catalogs … Also, you can develop presentations of all kinds to display interactively the information you want.

From SB Service we have bet for this technology of vanguard in interactive touch screens capacitive 4K for rent. We are making our way in a market in constant growth and evolution.

If you want to see the latest work done by SB Service visit our Instagram. To find out the rental prices of touch kiosks go to the interactive kiosk rental section.