Circular truss

Circular truss rental for stand, trade fairs, photocall, events in Spain.

Circular truss aluminum structures of different diameters for photocall, arches for civil ceremonies. The circular Truss with joining systems that allow us designs to install scenic fabrics, lighting, floral art, creative installations. Circular truss rental for weddings and celebrations, social, cultural events and all kinds of shows.

It is indicated for use of both indoor and outdoor applications, being the most widespread type of structure for use in discos, theaters, events and many more ephemeral applications.

The truss has become the best visual support since it is a system of modules that are very convenient to transport and easy to assemble. One of its advantages is that you can place accessories such as spotlights, shelves … Without doubt the best solution when looking for a good advertising medium or height support you want.
It also does not require any type of tool for assembly or specialized personnel.

Example of a circular Truss of 3 meters in diameter, built in extruded aluminum, is composed of 4 sections of 210 cm each, to facilitate its handling and transport.

Circular truss hire:

  • Diameter of 3 meters for € 600 per fair.
  • Diameter of 4 meters for € 800 per fair.
  • 5 meter diameter for € 1000 per fair.
  • 6 meter diameter for € 1200 per fair.

Includes transport, assembly and disassembly. (Does not include rigging, motors, or hoists and tax)