Assembly of Truss Circular in the Barcelona shopping centre La Maquinista

Our last job was to assemble a 5-metre circular Truss for the launch campaign of the new perfume from Lancôme. Creating a spectacular montage for this presentation.

SB Service has created this ephemeral circular structure in the shopping centre. It is made up of reinforced truss circles with an outer diameter of 4.60 metres and an inner diameter of 4.00 metres. For this we use two circles and several straight sections (for the legs) to achieve a structure of more than 3 meters high. With the help of our experience in assemblies of all types and Genie cranes we realize this aluminum structure quickly, safely and efficiently.

The assembly of structures in rental truss is widely used in all types of events due to its speed, ease, safety and the many options of shapes, sizes and designs offered.
Furthermore, in this case, the truss structure was lined with PVC with external advertising motifs and a photocall was placed inside the cylinder.

SB Service has the best prices in the market for the rental of Truss, both circular and square in black or silver. All our Truss systems are quality and safety certified by the best brands.

Types of rental for the Truss Circular:

We offer the possibility of rental with transport service, assembly and disassembly, as well as free rental. In this second modality the client rents the material and will have to take care of the rest, carrying out the transport, assembly and disassembly, in an autonomous way. With this type of rental, customers get great discounts on the final rental price.

Structures can be rented for all types of events of different durations. Such as concerts, stands, fairs, corporate events, advertising, concerts…

If you wish to receive a budget for your project without any kind of commitment, please contact us through the contact section.

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Next, we show an image of the assembly of the Circular Truss in La Maquinista.

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